Terminological Questions Guide


  1. Before sending your terminological questions, check the client profile on your Resource Task Board under Linguistic Assets to determine whether they must be in French or English. If no preference is stated, use English.


  1. When preparing your questions, keep in mind that you are directly addressing the client.


  1. Never put your questions in Studio comments. This function must be used to justify your research and to indicate the references used. However, you can mention in your comments that a specific term was the subject of a question. Terminological questions must always be sent by e-mail using the form provided with your project (available under the Linguistic Assets section on your Resource Task Board).


  1. Check the usual references (term base, memory, client reference documents, client website, Termium, etc.) before you ask questions.


  1. Fill out the form, using the example below.


  1. Whenever possible, suggest translations for terms and expressions in a question. The client can then confirm what terminology is to be used.


  1. Send your questions as soon as possible to questionscanada@lionbridge.com unless in the instructions on your work order states otherwise. Do not forget to indicate the work item number and deadline in your e-mail subject line; this will make processing your questions easier.


  1. If you do not receive an answer before your project deadline, indicate on the Resource Task Board that questions are pending for that work item when you deliver the project (Questions Pending checkmark).