Lionbridge Style Guides

The Lionbridge Style Guides

The Lionbridge Language Style Guides are general guidelines. Instructions on usage will be provided in the job specific instructions provided by the Lionbridge project team.

The Lionbridge Style Guides are the property of Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. They are protected by copyright and cannot be modified or distributed without prior written permission of Lionbridge.

AR Arabic

BG Bulgarian

CN Simplified Chinese (English version)

CN Simplified Chinese (Simplified Chinese version)

CN2EN Simplified Chinese into English

CS Czech

DA Danish (Danish version)

DA Danish (English headings version)

DE German

EL Greek

EN-GB British English

EN-US American English

ES European Spanish

ES-XL Latin American Spanish

ES-US US Spanish

ET Estonian

FA Persian

FI Finnish

FR French

FR-CA French Canadian

GU Gujarati

HE Hebrew

HI Hindi

HR Croatian

HU Hungarian

ID Indonesian

IT Italian

JA Japanese (English version)

JA Japanese (Japanese version)

JA2EN Japanese into English

KO Korean (English version)

KO Korean (Korean version)

KZ Kazakh

LT Lithuanian

LV Latvian

ML Malayalam

MR Marathi

MS Malay

NL Dutch

NO Norwegian

PL Polish

PT Iberian Portuguese (Post-Spelling Reform)

PT Iberian Portuguese (Pre-Spelling Reform)

PT-BR Brazilian Portuguese

RO Romanian

RU Russian

SK Slovak (English version)

SK Slovak (Slovak version)

SL Slovenian

SV Swedish (English brief version)

SV Swedish (Swedish complete version)

TH Thai

TR Turkish

TW Traditional Chinese

UK Ukrainian

VI Vietnamese

SI Writing Style