Exchange Portal Instructions (Controlled goods)

Procedure for using the Lionbridge Secure File Exchange Portal to Download Encrypted Files

Please follow this procedure to create your Lionbridge Secure File Exchange Portal account and use it to exchange files with our teams.

Creating your account

Please use this link to access our portal for the first time and create your personal account.

Follow the instructions to complete the indicated fields. Then click Create User.

Receiving and sending documents

Once your account is created, you will receive a confirmation message by email.

In the email, click the link that will take you to the portal’s home page, thereby confirming creation of your account.

Note: Simply put the Web site address in the favourites in your browser to return to the site more easily.

Important: You must keep the same email address once your account is created and let us know of any changes to it as soon as possible.

Receiving and downloading files

When you receive a document through the secure portal, you will receive an email message. To access the secure portal, click the first link.

Enter your user name and password.

View of the portal upon receiving a document (My Account section).

Three important points to remember:

- Dropdown menu on the right: represents the format in which the document will be downloaded. Select EXE to obtain an executable file that you can open automatically (recommended) or select ZIP to download a zipped file.


Note: The EXE format contains a utility that automatically unzips files in the location where you download them.

- Document section, under Received Documents: the link in this section represents the document that you can download. The .exe extension depends on the option that you selected beforehand in the dropdown menu. Simply click the link to download the document and indicate where you want to download it.


- Document Sent From section: the name in this section represents the person or group that sent you the document. The final document must be returned to that person or group.


Downloading steps when the EXE option is selected

  • Read the following message and click OK.


  • Click Run.

  • When you download the file, you will receive the following warning message. Again, click Run.


  • Click Continue.


  • Select the location where you want to download the file. Use the […] button:


  • When the destination file is selected, click Ok.


  • Enter your password (the same one used for the portal) and click Ok.


  • This confirmation message will appear when the download is completed.


Your files will now be found in the previously mentioned destination file.

File delivery

When your job is completed, you must also use the portal to deliver your files.

Connect to the portal and click Upload Files.

Enter the required information and click Select Document(s) to Send.

Make sure that the Encrypt/Password Protect file(s) box is checked and click Browse to look for the documents that you want to send.

Note: To return several files, click Add.

Click Send Document(s).

When the download is completed, you may check the status of the file in the Sent Documents section.