Lionbridge Translation Management System (TMS)

Lionbridge Translation Management System (TMS)

The reading material below contains general guidelines and information about the TMS tool. For comprehensive basic training material please refer to our new Partner LMS at and browse the category called Lionbridge Tools.

TMS streamlines localization projects by combining automation processes and human tasks, through a flexible workflow engine. 


TMS is an online portal which will be used to receive/send files to you. Notifications can be sent to you via email or RSS when work is assigned to you.

To get started we recommend that you view the Partner Product Demo. This video will introduce you to the fundamentals of TMS and help you understand how easy it is to check files in and out of the system. We also have a Quick Start Card for quick reference and our How To Work with TMS document. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Project Manager who will get in touch with the TMS team to resolved any issue you have in a timely manner.

For more detailed information please refer to the End User Help system which is available from

To learn how to accept TMS tasks on the go, make sure to check the information about our TMS mobile app.

Once you have reviewed our TMS training material, go to PROFILE>General Information, select TMS Ready = YES under the Company Information section and select Save Changes.


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