Machine Translation

Welcome to the Lionbridge Machine Translation Information Portal

Getting Set up

If you are already a MT Post-Editor or wish to work on MT Post-Editing jobs for Lionbridge, simply contact your local community manager. We will review your information and flag you as a MT Post-Editor in our community database if you meet the required criteria.

Getting Started

To learn more about the machine translation process at Lionbridge, we recommend that you review our Introduction to MT Post-Editing presentation. This presentation covers the following topics: 

  • What is MT Post-Editing?
  • Types and Usages of MT
  • Increasing need for MT Post-Editors
  • MTM Process at Lionbridge
  • MT: Considerations on Quality and Productivity
  • Post-Editing Rates
  • General Post-Editing Guidelines


Please find below a short FAQ that contains the main questions that our team receives about MT Post-Editing:

Q: We were told to provide “OK” quality (not premier quality) with MT at a very low rate by another agency before. Does it mean that post-editing requires lower quality in general?
A: Lionbridge manages a few accounts with lower quality requirements via the MTM process. However, unless differently instructed, we aim for standard human translation quality using MT.

Q:We tried MT output in available MT (such as Google and Systran) by ourselves. However, we do not see useful output for professional translation.
A:For professional translation, Lionbridge customizes MT to fit the target projects/programs. Customization is the key to enhancing MT output.

Q: Is MT + post-editing replacing standard human translation?
A: No. While the quality of MT output continues to improve, results vary greatly depending on the language, domain and customer terminology requirements. Human translators play an essential role in ensuring the required quality standards are met through an appropriate level of editing.

Don't hesitate to contact your local community manager if you have additional questions about MT Post-Editing.