Language Quality

Welcome to the Lionbridge Language Quality Inspection (LQI) Portal

As explained in our Getting Started Guide, Language Quality Inspection (LQI) is our proprietary method to measure the quality of the translations that we receive from our translation partners.

Our online system provides a better and more efficient way to manage the LQI process for all language professionals involved: LQI Specialists, Translators, and Lionbridge teams.

You will find a link for Translators and a link for LQI Specialists under the LQI menu on top of the page.

  • LQI Specialists will go here to find a list of jobs to inspect. Each job links to an online inspection form. LQI Specialists complete this form and submit it to the Lionbridge team.
  • Translators will go here to find a list of all the inspections that the LQI Specialists performed on samples of their work. Translators can review the feedback and provide comments.

Both LQI Specialists and Translators will find training and support information under the Lionbridge Tools and Processes section. Please take a moment to familiarize yourselves with our LQI process in advance of your project.

For translators, you know that receiving constructive feedback is one sure way to provide an ever greater level of service. Improving your quality makes your services more desirable and strengthens our partnership.

At Lionbridge, we are committed to creating a pleasant working experience and to providing you with innovative language technology that enables you to improve your level of service.

Lionbridge Language Quality Inspection (LQI) User Guides

Please find below our LQI User Guide and Quick Reference Guide. Some screenshots in the LQI User Guide are now obsolete and will be updated shortly.