A Message from the Lionbridge CEO: Standing for Justice & Equality in Our Communities

Dear Community Partner,

I have written to you recently about the impacts of COVID-19 on the larger Lionbridge community. Today I want to share with you our statement about the unfortunate events that have unfolded in the U.S. and that are reverberating in communities around the world.

The last several days have been incredibly painful. In the midst of a pandemic that has taken 107,000 lives and 40 million jobs in the U.S. and many more across the globe, we have witnessed the brutal murder of George Floyd. The Lionbridge community is outraged by what happened to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the countless others who came before them whose lives were unjustly taken because of the color of their skin. We reject all forms of racism and prejudice. There is no place for that in our community. Black Lives Matter.

The murder of George Floyd has unleashed a reaction to hundreds of years of inequality and injustice in the U.S. The systemic racism that has plagued and continues to haunt our communities is wrong and needs to stop. Breaking barriers and building bridges is what is needed now more than ever. Everyone in the U.S. has a right to protest and be heard. We support and applaud everyone who is exercising that right.

At the heart of Lionbridge is a belief in diversity and the value of each individual. It is the very core of who we are as a company, but more importantly, as a team. We are a diverse global community who must stand up against deep-seated discrimination and subliminal racism. To all of our employees and community partners of color, we stand with you and we see you. Black Lives Matter.

There are no easy answers. I know many of us are sad, outraged or both. Everyone has a role to play in defeating racism and prejudice. Lionbridge will take whatever steps we can to fight inequality. Let’s all commit to it and help others break barriers and build bridges.


John Fennelly

Lionbridge CEO