Welcome to Lionbridge UK & Switzerland

Please read this page carefully as it includes all the necessary information you need to make our collaboration successful.

Receiving jobs

Our Project Managers will send you jobs via the Resource Task Board, which is available on the Lionbridge Community Portal (LCP) under RESOURCE TASK BOARD > Lionbridge UK & Switzerland > Resource Task Board Website

  • Open the Task Board and enter the same credentials you use for the Lionbridge Community Portal
  • Have a look at the projects currently available, review the content, open the sample documents that need to be translated and decide to accept or decline each task;
  • Do not be afraid to decline a project if it is not in your field of expertise or if you do not have sufficient time to complete it accurately. Many more offers will follow.

Work Instructions

You have accepted a job and the task has been added to your assigned tasks in the Resource Task Board:

  • In accepting a translation assignment, you agree to the Lionbridge Service Level Agreement (SLA). Before you start translating, read and follow the instructions contained in your Work Order;
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all of our projects must be translated using SDL Trados Studio;
  • Review your translation, run a spell check, enter the corrections in the SDL Trados Studio editor and remember that we expect a final product from you: no questions in the body of the text or in the comments, no highlighted text, nothing that was not in the source text.

Delivering the job

You will have to return the files via the Resource Task Board. Please see the instructions provided upon activation of your profile or read the procedure located on the the Lionbridge Community Portal (LCP) under UK & Switzerland > Resource Task Board Instructions. Please ensure to return the files by the deadline indicated in your Work Order.

Language assessment

You have the option of assessing the translation that you are reviewing by filling in a short assessment form https://webapp.ch.lionbridge.com/AssessLQ/.

This not only helps the translator to improve the quality of his/her work, but it also enables us to increase the linguistic quality of our pool of translators and therefore, make the revision tasks easier and quicker for you. So, we would be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes filling in a language assessment for all the translations that you review.

Getting paid!

EProcurement will allow you to create and submit your invoice electronically.

  • Follow the step-by-step invoicing instructions and do not forget to submit the invoice after the delivery of each project;
  • Once the invoice has been approved, a due date will be displayed according to your payment terms. An invoice will be paid once its due date has been reached following our payment cycles (on the 5th and the 20th of the month or the next business day in case of a weekend or Holiday). You can also print your invoices for your financial records.
  • If you have any questions related to payment processing or to a specific invoice, please log a ticket (in English only) and try to be as detailed as possible in the description of your issue. One of our accounting specialist will assist you along the way. To log a ticket, please go to Support > Create Ticket on the Lionbridge Community Portal (LCP)

Technical issues or questions regarding a work in progress?

Please contact the Project Manager who allocated the job.

Administrative problems or questions regarding our procedures?

Please contact us at txp-info.uk@lionbridge.com. Our dedicated team will be glad to help you with your questions.

(Left: Raphael Emerich, Centre: Sandrine Charpentier, Right: Frank Hodel)