How To: Payoneer Payment

Important Information

Lionbridge and Payoneer have a special offer, just for you. By agreeing to fees in USD and registering through this linkyou can now be paid via Payoneer with:

  • No annual fees
  • No transaction fees (the 1% transaction fee is waived for all payments received from Lionbridge)

When setting up a Payoneer account, you will need to update your Payment Details in the Lionbridge Community Portal as the Payoneer account details will not be transferred automatically to your Lionbridge profile. Please allow 10 days for your new payment method to be fully reflected in our systemsIf you have any questions related to the offer, please reach out to the Payoneer customer service at with your Payee ID and bank account details.

How to Select Payoneer USD as the Preferred Payment Method 

The steps differ depending on whether you have payments pending in other currencies than USD, and whether your rates are set in USD in Lionbridge systems, or not. 

  • I have payments pending and/or charge rates in a different currency.
    • Do not select the Payoneer Payment method. Please create a Support Request.
    • Our team will provide you with a final green light as soon as your rates have been converted in USD and all pending non-USD payment have been processed.
  • I have no payments pending and/or my pending payments are in USD.
    • You may now edit your Finance Details with your Payoneer USD account.
    • If your rates were formerly agreed in USD, and if the Purchase Orders issued and accepted in another currency have all been paid, you may edit your Finance Details with the Payoneer USD account details provided by Payoneer.

Your current “Active payment method” is called out in green. For this Payoneer USD program, your “Active Payment Method” should be “Bank”. You do not need your Payoneer ID or email. Simply fill the Bank form with the virtual Bank Account details that you received from Payoneer when registering. Then, ensure that the requested fields are accurately filled. Select “My Selected payment method is Bank” and click on "Save Bank Changes".

Once you've verified your information, click on the green button “Save  Bank Changes”.

Removing Bank Details

You can clear your Bank information from our systems by clicking on the “Remove Bank Details” button.

Important: Deleting your finance details utilizing the backspace or delete key on your keyboard DOES NOT remove your details from our servers. Please make sure to click on the button “Remove Bank Details”.

Once you start receiving funds on Payoneer USD, we would love to hear your feedback!

Eligibility Criteria 

While Payoneer and PayPal are supported in Brazil, Canada, India and Japan, we cannot offer these payment options in these countries at this time. This is due to local accounting rules and regulations that require a different payment process for local versus international Lionbridge projects.