How To: PayPal Payment

You can now select PayPal as your payment method!

Important Information

If you are interested in being paid via PayPal, you should be aware of the following restrictions: 

  • The cap per transaction is USD 10,000 
  • PayPal is only available in select currencies and countries (listed below)
  • The email address associated with your PayPal account needs to be verified within their system for payments to process
  • If PayPal is not an option, one or more of the necessary criteria may be missing, please open a Support Request for more assistance 

How to select PayPal as the preferred Payment Method

Provided that the currency of your rate with Lionbridge and the country you receive funds into are PayPal eligible, you will see two options: Bank  and PayPal, in the box named “Payment Method”. 

Your  current “Active payment method” is called out in green. The “Active payment method” reflects the option selected at the bottom of the Financial Details form.

The PayPal form opens as soon as you select PayPal as a Payment Method.

If you would like PayPal to becom your Active Payment Method, select “My Selected payment method is PayPal” and fill the requested fields (Beneficiary Name, PayPal ID, Confirm PayPal ID) accurately. The PayPal ID is the email that you used when registering with PayPal.

To confirm the change, please click on the green button “Save PayPal Changes.”

To verify your “Active payment method”, you can always go to Finance Details.

Removing PayPal Details

You can clear PayPal information from our systems by clicking on the “Remove PayPal Details” button seen in the screenshot above. This will automatically set Bank as your preferred payment method in your account.

Important: Deleting your finance details utilizing the delete or backspace key on your keyboard DOES NOT remove your details from our servers. Please make sure to click on the button “Remove PayPal Details”.

Alternatively, it is possible for you to leave the PayPal details in our system for future use and select “Bank” as your Selected Payment Method.

Eligibility criteria

Please find below a list of currencies and countries supported for Lionbridge PayPal payments.

PayPal currencies

CHF  Swiss Franc 
EUR  Euro 
GBP  Pound Sterling 
HKD  Hong Kong Dollar   
ILS  Israeli new Shekel 
JPY  Japanese yen  
NZD  New Zealand Dollar   
NOK  Norwegian Krone 
SEK  Swedish Krona/Kronor 
SGD  Singapore Dollar   
THB  Thai Baht   
USD  United States Dollar 

PayPal countries

Albania  El Salvador  Kuwait  Reunion 
Algeria  Estonia  Latvia  Romania 
Andorra  Faroe Islands  Lesotho  Russia 
Antigua & Barbuda  Fiji  Liechtenstein  San Marino 
Argentina  Finland  Lithuania  Saudi Arabia 
Austria  France  Luxembourg  Senegal 
Bahamas  French Guiana  Malawi  Serbia 
Bahrain  French Polynesia  Malaysia  Seychelles 
Barbados  Georgia  Malta  Singapore 
Belgium  Germany  Martinique  Slovakia 
Belize  Gibraltar  Mauritius  Slovenia 
Bermuda  Greece  Mexico  South Africa 
Bosnia & Herzegovina  Greenland  Moldova  South Korea 
Botswana  Grenada  Monaco  Spain 
Brazil* Guadeloupe  Morocco  St. Kitts & Nevis 
Bulgaria  Guatemala  Mozambique  St. Lucia 
Cayman Islands  Honduras  Netherlands  Sweden 
Chile  Hong Kong SAR China  New Caledonia  Switzerland 
China  Hungary  New Zealand  Taiwan 
Colombia  Iceland  Nicaragua  Thailand 
Costa Rica  Indonesia  Norway  Trinidad & Tobago 
Croatia  Ireland  Oman  Turks & Caicos Islands 
Cyprus  Israel  Palau  United Arab Emirates 
Czech Republic  Italy  Panama  United Kingdom 
Denmark  Jamaica  Peru  United States 
Dominica  Japan  Philippines  Uruguay 
Dominican Republic  Jordan  Poland  Venezuela 
Ecuador  Kazakhstan  Portugal  Vietnam
Egypt  Kenya  Qatar   

*Please note: While Payoneer and PayPal are supported in Canada, India and Japan, we cannot offer these payment options in these countries at this time. We only support PayPal payments in Brazil if your rates were negotiated in USD and for work outsourced outside of Brazil. This is due to local accounting rules and regulations that require a different payment process for local versus international Lionbridge projects.  If you are looking to switch to a PayPal eligible currency or payee country, we can assist you via a Support Request.