How To: Bank Wire Transfer

If you choose to have your funds deposited on your bank account, Lionbridge may initiate a direct deposit or a standard bank wire transfer:

Direct Deposit

We offer Direct deposit in the following primary scenarios:

Currency  Bank Country
BRL Brazil
CAD Canada
GBP United Kingdom
INR India
JPY Japan (if paid locally, pre-arranged with Community Management)
KRW Korea (personal bank accounts only)
USD United States

Direct deposits allow Lionbridge partners to minimize and sometimes avoid transfer fees.

Standard Bank Wire Transfers

We offer Wire transfers in all other cases. Wire transfers may take 3 to 5 business days. Please log a Support Request if you believe there may be an issue with your bank transfer.

Important Information

  • Payment success highly depends on the currency matching between your Lionbridge account and your bank account. To change the currency or bank country of your profile, please open a Support Request and our team will assist.
  • While Lionbridge pays the fee to issue you a wire transfer, your bank may deduct an additional fee reducing the total amount you receive. Lionbridge has no control over the fees that could be extended to you.
  • Please verify the accuracy of your bank information. If your Bank Details are incorrect, the funds should be returned to Lionbridge, but this is not guaranteed. If your payment gets applied to another account, this will result in a loss of funds. It may take weeks for banks to notify Lionbridge of a returned payment, causing a further delay in your funds being received.
  • We will not be able to pay you for work completed without valid financial information on file for a minimum of 10 days prior to a payment. If you need to edit your payment details, please make sure to do so a minimum of 10 days ahead of your payment due date.

Here are some tips on how to reduce potential fees:

  • Bundle invoices together
  • Negotiate banking fees with your bank or look around at other banks, including local ones, to see who may have a better option for your situation
  • Choose a different Payment Method like Payoneer, a virtual bank issuing payments in USD, or PayPal

How to Select Bank as your Selected Payment Method

You may enter your Bank details under your profile. Simply go to the PAYMENTS menu > My Finance Details > Payment Details tab. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Make sure to check the box “My Selected payment method is Bank” at the bottom of the form.

After verifying your banking information, click on the green button “Save Bank Changes”. To verify your “Active payment method”, you can always go to Payment Details. Your current “Active payment method” is called out in green.

Removing Bank Details

The button “Remove Bank Details” allows to clear your Bank information from our systems.

Please note: Deleting your finance details utilizing the Backspace or the Delete key of your keyboard DOES NOT remove your details from our servers. Please make sure to click on the button “Remove Bank Details”.