How To: POs & Invoicing

There are two ways that your payments can process after you complete jobs with Lionbridge. You can read more about the two different ways below. 

LCX Jobs

LCX is the Lionbridge Community Job Board. LCX simplifies our payment process by generating purchase orders automatically as soon as work is delivered in LCX. Click on the buttons below to learn more: 

LCX Guide & FAQ          Invoicing Feature Demo

Non-LCX Jobs (via eProcurement 3.0)

eProcurement is a web-based invoicing application that allows you to view purchase orders that have been issued to you or to your company. Once a purchase order is issued, it will be available in eProcurement for you to Acknowledge. By acknowledging the purchase order, you are accepting the work from Lionbridge based on the scope outlined in the purchase order, and conditions of your SLA. In addition to allowing you to view purchase orders issued to you, eProcurement will also allow you to directly invoice against accepted purchase orders, without the need to send invoices signed digitally to your local Lionbridge office.          eProcurement Workflow          eProcurement FAQ