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Welcome to the Lionbridge Linguistic ToolBox Information Portal

The reading material below contains general guidelines and information about the LTB tool. For comprehensive basic training material please refer to our new Partner LMS at and browse the category called Lionbridge Tools.

Linguistic ToolBox is an advanced QA tool which allows you to run a variety of quality checks, ranging from basic spell check to consistency checks, verification of correct terminology use and even sophisticated linguistic checks such as detection of false friends or other common language errors. The results are presented in an Excel report that you can use as a final quality control mechanism before delivering translations back to Lionbridge.

For more details on the tool itself, please refer to the documentation and training material as per the links provided in the below paragraphs.

Getting Started

Please review our LTB Getting Started Guide to learn how to install and use Linguistic ToolBox.

You can also have a look at our quick pdf guide for downloading and installing LTB on your system. If you prefer to review video materials, please have a look at the short LTB video on downloading and installation.


Some degree of training is required in order to use LTB in the most productive and efficient manner. With that in mind, Lionbridge has been presenting a series of web-based training sessions, which are advertised here on this portal as well as via other means with all our newcomers. If you could not attend one of these trainings, you will find a recorded version of the training session here.

Moreover, you can find additional topics covered in these live demo sessions in the appendix presentation provided here.

Important: the LTB report is a compulsory deliverable with all Lionbridge projects. Therefore, it is important to make sure all concepts about LTB usage are well understood and clear to get started with it in the most efficient way. In case of any doubts and questions regarding training on this tool, please get in touch with the CM Partner Training team at .

If you are wondering on how to set up LTB and how to run basic check, please review LTB short video: setup and running check.

LTB and Translation Workspace

Linguistic ToolBox shares the same authentication approach as our proprietary translation platform, Translation Workspace (TW). This means that, to be able to launch and access LTB, you will first need to be provisioned with credentials to access TW so to have the permissions to access LTB as well.
Likewise, aliased TMs with LTB configurations embedded in them may sometimes pose some problems to the LTB users. Please check the article about assets aliasing for more info.

For further information on this point, please check our documentation and reference materials about Translation Workspace in the namesake item on the left-side menu on this page.
In case you received your credentials but still are unable to use them, go to the website and reset them to obtain access again.


You will find our latest FAQ document here.

Contact Us

For any generic question or comment on LTB, please contact

For project-specific queries regarding LTB, please contact your project team.