Your Quality & How it Matters

Quality is important and we all know it. While we have been working on this at Lionbridge, we wanted to make it more available to you as our partner to know where you stand and how the work you are providing is being assessed.

Our first step in this process was to identify and assign statuses to every partner based on their previous work with us.  Below you will see 3 new statuses available for all partners. Please note you will see these statuses within the Lionbridge Community Portal under your profile.

  • Newcomer: This status applies to partners that have completed the Lionbridge onboarding process, are active in our partner database and can already be contacted for work.
    • Actions: During this phase, performance is closely monitored by means of LQIs (Language Quality Inspections).  This allows us to assess incoming quality and establish any needs for further support and training. Status is changed from “Newcomer” to “Authorized” once Lionbridge´s reviewers have confirmed that initial deliverables meet  the expected quality standards (LQI score of 90 or above).
  • Authorized: This status applies to members of the Lionbridge community pool who are deemed to be able to meet the quality requirements on all their jobs.  They can then be contacted for a wider selection of work.
    • Actions: Authorized partners’ jobs are reviewed periodically using the Lionbridge LQI methodology and/or a customer-specific review process.
  • Provisional: This status is a temporary setting that applies to “Authorized” partners whose global quality score has dropped below expected standards, or who have received a serious complaint on one of their completed jobs.
    • Actions: A Root Cause Analysis is then performed, and an improvement plan is recommended.  This is intended to re-qualify the affected partner for all or a subset of their provided services.