Translation Workspace: New Updates & Required Changes

We have made some updates to the Translation Workspace (TW) versions, which could impact your projects and tasks. Please make sure that you are using the below versions of both TW and the Xliff Editor by Wednesday, January 12th at 15:00 UTC:

  • TW Tools 3.79.1
  • Xliff Editor 2.61.1

Translation Workspace login from previous desktop application versions will no longer be possible after the time mentioned above and will result in a mandatory auto-update. We recommend installing the latest TW Tools and Xliff Editor versions before this change comes into effect to avoid unexpected interruptions of your daily activities. The latest versions are already available in Software Center and the Terminal Servers have already been updated accordingly.

Additionally, please note that Windows 7 is no longer supported as an operating system for Translation Workspace desktop applications and therefore it will no longer be possible to use Translation Workspace desktop applications (Xliff Editor and TW Tools) on Windows 7.