SECURITY ALERT: Meltdown and Spectre computer security vulnerabilities

By now you've probably heard that a large portion of the world's computer processors are vulnerable to at least one of two exploits that render them susceptible to hackers. As a valued partner of Lionbridge we are informing you about two new computer security vulnerabilities (Meltdown and Spectre) that were discovered last week. To reduce the risk of getting affected, we suggest that on your end, you be advised of the following guidance and take actions accordingly:

  • The vulnerabilities can be exploited by web pages, hence only visit web sites that can be trusted to be safe. Safe web sites includes Lionbridge web sites, major global news, retail, software and social network web sites. Be careful with visiting other web sites (they can easily become exploited) and be extra careful clicking on links both on web pages and from Bing/Google web searches.
  • We can expect bad actors to increase email phishing to exploit the vulnerability. Therefore, be very vigilant before clicking on links sent to you in email. Don’t click links to unknown web sites.
  • Do not open email attachments from unknown senders and be extra vigilant when opening attachments from known senders. Make sure you verify the senders address and that you do know the sender before opening an attachment.
  • Applications downloaded from the Internet is the number #1 source for viruses and exploits. With these new vulnerabilities out, it’s important that you do not download applications from the Internet without verifying that it’s safe to so do for each application.

These new vulnerabilities have the potential for significant damage. The vulnerabilities can be accessed silently if you visit an exploited web site or install a malicious application and the attacker may be able to get access to all your sensitive information (user names, passwords as well as personal information stored on your computer), which means that you won’t know if your information is stolen. Hence, please take extra care to keep your computer safe.

Taking the precautions above are important for your business, for Lionbridge and for our customers. We appreciate you taking great care to protect all of us.

If you have any questions please reach out to your Community Management contact as listed on the Lionbridge Community Portal at Support>Contacts.


The Lionbridge Worldwide Community Management Team

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