Reminder: Safety & Security When Accepting Projects Outside of Lionbridge Tools

We're posting a reminder about your security and accepting Projects outside of our tools, or even receiving unexpected emails that claim to be from Lionbridge. 

Your safety and security are a top priority for Lionbridge. We have recently received an uptick in reports of fraudulent listings in which people are claiming to work for Lionbridge and posting fake opportunities on gig work websites and other sites across the web. 

We wanted to provide you with a few reminders to help protect you against these scammers and keep your personal information safe. 

  • All Lionbridge opportunities will come from a legitimate “” and/or “” email address. 
  • Profile information (name, address, banking/payment details) will always be stored in our secure portal. We will never ask you to send these details via email or upload them to an external site. 
  • We will never request your banking information via email.
  • Most Lionbridge projects are allocated via Lionbridge systems such as Translation Management System or Lionbridge Community Exchange. Do not download documents via a cloud storage solution like Google Drive unless you receive specific instructions from your Lionbridge Project Manager.

If you are ever in doubt, you can email and our team will be pleased to look into the validity of any opportunity. 

This article was originally published in August, 2020 and is being republished again as a reminder for our partners.