New Work Scoping in LCX

We are releasing a new feature in LCX that will allow our project managers to post projects and tasks for which standard productivity metrics do not exist, or for which the amount offered requires a confirmation from our partners. This includes:

  • creative tasks such as transcreation or copywriting,
  • multimedia projects that may require a complex quote, e.g. media/audio/video production,
  • desktop publishing projects with graphics editing,
  • tasks for which the scope needs to be calculated post-delivery, e.g. a transcription task from a non-numeric format such as a manuscript.

These projects and tasks will either be outsourced with a best estimate, or no estimate at all. LCX will feature a tag called “scope determination” highlighting that the value of the project/task needs to be confirmed.


What do I need to do?

After reviewing the description, submit the number of units you require for the task. Based on the activity type, you may be offered per hour, minute, or in some instances unit. Unit-based pricing is sometimes used to provide “quote-based” pricing when a standard unit cannot otherwise be used.

Your project manager will review the amount submitted and accept/reject the # of units. In case of a disagreement related to the scope of the project, you will be able to initiate a discussion using the project default contact email address.


What’s next?

In coming weeks the feature will allow you to request adjustments to your LCX purchase orders using a more formal process. Instead of requesting a one hour adjustment purchase order because of bad quality in a TM, LCX will allow you to make a request directly within the application, which will be approved or rejected by our project manager following the same process.


We encourage you to submit feedback about the new feature as you start to pick up scope adjustment jobs in coming weeks by creating a ticket under the Support menu above.