New Opportunity - Video Translation & Annotation Program

Lionbridge is supporting one of the largest video content platforms on a video translation and annotation program.

We are looking for partners who meet the below qualifications. By working on this project you will get a chance to contribute to identifying abusive content and making the Internet a safer place!

What you will do:

  • Watch videos in your native language, translate them into English (using a voice to speech software in order to increase your productivity), and insert your comments/annotations in your translation to flag any potential slang, abusive or hateful content present in the video.
  • Detailed guidelines will be provided.

Who we need:

  • Native speakers or the source language (see list of languages in this form that you can use to apply).
  • Regular users of social media, in particular online video platforms
  • Very good level of English is required, as the translation is to be performed from the native language into English, however English native level is not required. We intentionally want to work with native speakers of the source language to ensure they have a good understanding of the source, including local slang or culture. The English output needs to be of good quality but we are not looking for perfect/native level of English.

Timeline and Availability:

  • This project runs on tight turn-around-times, with no heads-up. High reactivity from translators is needed in order to meet deadlines. If your schedule is flexible and allows you to jump on this work with no heads-up, this project is for you!
  • Length of videos is variable, but long videos will be split among several linguists, so each hand-off is expected to take you in average between 2 and 6 hours, depending on the video length.
  • Weekend work may be needed. If you’re available to work during weekends, note that we pay a higher fee (+30%) for weekend work.
  • Note that the program has already started for some languages, and all languages are planned to be rolled out before end of January. The program is expected to run during the whole of 2022.


  • Ideally linguists are based in their native country, but any location is fine. In fact, we welcome linguists in different time zones in order to cover work on tight schedules.


  • An initial suitability test is paid with 2 hours of work (at your standard hourly rate)
  • If you pass our test, further work will be paid on an hourly basis, based on time spent for each assignment, at your standard hourly rate.
  • Note that weekend work will receive an extra fee of +30% over your standard hourly rate.

Interested? Please complete this form to enroll for this program!