New Dynamic MTPE Pricing

As you may have read in our February 2020 Newsletter, our team has been working on a new Machine Translation Post-Editing pricing model to reflect varying levels of MT output quality.  

After a successful pilot phase, we are now ready to start rolling out Dynamic MTPE to most projects sent out via LCX and performed in TW and TMS. The new rate schedule should ensure that you are paid a fair rate as the rates offered now factor in the amount of editing needed for each translation unit/segment. You may for example be paid 20% of your word rate to review a segment that doesn’t require any changes, and up to 110% of your rate if the segment required a full rewrite. 

This new structure is designed around the Lionbridge “edit distance”, which calculates the amount of editing that is needed – from no edits to a full edit, as illustrated in the table below: 


    % of segment EDITED     

    % of full word Rate     

0% (No edits)


1% - 30% 


31% - 60%  


61% - 90% 


91% - 100% 



As we roll out this new process, we understand that there are going to be some questions. We have created this document filled with information about the new process. If you have any further questions about this, please create a ticket here.