NEW - Agency Reassignment in LCX!

We are happy to announce that the Agency Reassignment feature is now live for all agency users of LCX! The LCX agency reassignment enables agencies to accept jobs and reassign them to contacts listed in your profile, right here on the Lionbridge Community Portal. The goal of this new feature is to save your agency, in particular your project manager's, time in assigning jobs while still providing a consistent user experience for LCX jobs posted through TMS and LCX Publisher.

You may want to review the level of access your contacts have to ensure that this feature works to your advantage. You will be able to set up two types of users – Full-access and Limited-access to help make sure things run smoothly within your teams. You can do this in the Portal under Profile > Contacts > Edit Contact. Contacts who have the setting of “View Prices and Payment Details in LCX” checked off will have Full-access. We recommend reviewing the Agency Reassignment tab of the LCX Help Guide here for all the details about access, workflow, and notifications.


If you have any feedback, questions, or if you run into any issues with this new feature, we encourage you to create a ticket with “Agency Reassignment” in the subject line of the ticket.