LINGUISTIC TOOLBOX - Important update to the Change Report component

Linguistic ToolBox LTB Change Report

Due to some internal procedures and requirements, the announced update to the way the Change Report component works has just been deployed to the LTB Desktop version. As already stated, the component will now work according to the below criteria:

  • The translated, “1st stage” files will have to be added to the Change Report tab
  • The reviewed, “2nd stage” files will need to be added to the Project Setup > Input Files tab

So, basically the other way around it used to work.

A caption has also been added at the bottom of the component UI so to make the instructions about how to use it now clearer and more transparent to any users.



Help contents have been updated according to the workflow summarized above, too.

This is only relevant to anyone who is required from the project team to run the Change Report component on her/his side.

Please ask your project team in case of any questions or doubts regarding this change and the component.

In case of any technical issues or unexpected behavior, remember that you can always drop an email to the email address to get assistance.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


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