Important Notice about Computer Security

Background about Software Support

As software ages, it typically receives fewer updates, making users of outdated technology prime targets for hackers. Looking at the Windows Operating System (OS) in particular, Windows support expires for older software versions regularly (see more information here from Microsoft) and systems running these out of date OS versions can become a potential security threat as they no longer receive critical security patches.

Impact to You, Our Partner

Through your Lionbridge Service Level Agreement, you are required to keep your system up to date, virus free, and as secure as possible so as not to allow any confidential information to get into the wrong hands. As manufacturers stop supporting software versions, our tools - including Translation Workspace (TW) and Cloud Translation Environment (CTE) - will also follow suit as new releases will not be tested on an un-supported OS and will eventually not function properly.
This means keeping up to date on all operating system updates, making sure that your system is still supported by the manufacturer, that you have a current anti-virus program configured with automatic updates, etc.

What to do if You Use Windows XP or Windows 7

If you continue to run our applications on Windows XP or Windows 7 you will no longer enjoy the level of technical support you receive today, may not be able to install product updates, and expose yourself to security threats. We strongly encourage you to update your system to remain in compliance with our SLA as well as keep your system secure for your own use.

What to do if You Use a More Up to Date Operating System

If you are on an up to date operating system that is still supported by the manufacturer, please make sure that you keep your equipment updated with the latest security updates and make sure that you are running an anti-virus solution that regularly receives updates and runs scans on your computer.
If you have any questions about your SLA or the specifics mentioned within it, please feel free to create a ticket. If you have any questions about the state of your current operating system, you can reach out to the manufacturer for assistance.