Lionbridge seeking native French speakers for handwriting task

Greetings, all native French Lionbridge partners!

Lionbridge is currently looking for participants to help with a handwriting collection task for a new customer. Participants must be aged 18 or over, be fluent or native speakers of French, and be located in France.

The task will involve collecting handwriting samples written in French. Participants will be sent an envelope containing a 10-page form and will be asked to rewrite the contents of the form by hand and then send this back using a prepaid envelope that Lionbridge will provide. Please access this sample page for more details on the type of texts that will need to be handwritten.

Example – Write Nathalie by hand in the box below

Payment for the task is €15 per form. Each participant can complete one form only, but you are welcome to invite friends or family members to complete one form, too, provided that they meet the above criteria for participation. Friends and family members are to be paid at the same rate of €15 per form.

If you'd like to take part in this task, please fill in this short survey to register your interest. We're hoping to kick off very soon, so we would really appreciate it if you can confirm your interest in this project no later than Tuesday 1 March.

Once the project moves forward, a team member will be in contact to discuss the next steps. We're looking forward to working with you on this project!

Kind regards, Lionbridge Community Management Team