Dynamic MTPE Update

It’s already been a few weeks since we launched Dynamic MTPE Pricing in LCX. We have allocated Dynamic MTPE jobs into 70 languages and discussed the new pricing model with many of you one-to-one. 

As a reminder, the Dynamic MTPE rate schedule considers the amount of editing needed for each translation unit/segment. You may for example be paid 20% of your word rate to review a segment that doesn’t require any changes, and up to 110% of your rate if the segment required a full rewrite:


    % of segment EDITED     

    % of full word Rate     

0% (No edits)


1% - 30% 


31% - 60%  


61% - 90% 


91% - 100% 


Our MT team is currently addressing 3 main concerns that were raised by our community partners: 

  • Accuracy of MTPE estimates: Some of you were presented with MTPE estimates that were too low or too high. To minimize discrepancies between estimates and final job values, we loaded new language-specific rates that factor in all dynamic MTPE data to date. In coming weeks, we will further fine tune estimates by using customer-specific MT data to better account for variances in the MT output across a range of customers.
  • Editing of tags: We will be adjusting the edit distance logic to better account for tag changes during the translation process. This means that the time you put into updates to tags will be factored into the "% of segment edited."
  • Rate transparency: If you want more details about the rates applied to your final PO, you can ask your project manager for an edit distance report, which will provide a full summary of all the edits that you made.

We are working on a new feature that will allow you to formally request scope changes if you encounter unexpected issues during the course of a project. Stay tuned!