Announcing our up-to-date Lionbridge Security, Data Protection and Privacy Training for Community Partners

We have all read in the news about companies being hacked and individuals being impacted by data leaks. Some of us have even been directly impacted by such disruption. What is true for all of us, is that Security, Data Protection and Privacy have to be front and center of everything we do when working together. Therefore, we have revised and recorded an updated training on these topics and posted it in the Getting Started with Lionbridge category in our Partner LMS (Learning Management System).

The course takes 17 minutes to complete, including a knowledge check, and will become mandatory for all new partners who commence their basic tools training with Lionbridge starting February 1st. Note that these topics are also covered in the Community Services Agreement (CSA) that you have all signed, however the number of threats and the level of sophistication have increased so much that we need to be even more vigilant. In the past, this course was mandatory for Life Sciences partners only. However, with the increased vigilance that is required to reduce risk for both yourselves as partners and for Lionbridge, to comply with customer requirements and ensure business continuity, this course will be mandatory for all new partners signing up to work for Lionbridge.

We therefore highly recommend this course to ALL existing partners who are either already authorized and active partners, or recent newcomers to Lionbridge. This to both update yourselves on the latest on Security, Data Protection and Privacy, and also to activate your profile in our Partner LMS if you have not already done so. The Partner LMS was launched in Q4 2021, and you access the Partner LMS using your Lionbridge Community Portal credentials.

Thank you for contributing to a secure working environment where data protection and privacy is in focus.