COVID-19 & The Impact On Your Availability: April 8, 2020

In this dynamic time of global health crisis, we are focusing on staying in touch with our community. One of the major themes we are seeing is that during this time, availability and capacity is being impacted. Some of you have children at home or take care of elder relatives and have less capacity than usual. Many others, on the contrary, are confronted to a decrease of activity, and would like to get more work.

We encourage you to keep your profile in our Community Portal as updated as possible so our project teams can leverage this information to stay in touch with you and offer projects that best match your skills. Whether you want to receive fewer projects, more projects, or you just want to renew your partnership with Lionbridge, please take a moment to read the tips below.

Capacity / Availability update

If your availability has changed and you have more time, please fill in this special COVID-19 capacity survey to let us know!    

We also encourage you to always keep your capacity updated in our Community Portal (Profile – Availability section).

If you have ongoing projects, please communicate your updated availability to your project teams, so they can plan accordingly.

Areas of Expertise, Services Offered

Please take a couple of minutes to go through the areas of expertise included in your profile, and review if those need updating. Similarly, take a look at the Services offered tab. If you are ready to include some additional services to those you have been offering so far, please indicate this in your profile and get in touch with your Community Management representative to have them added to your price list if necessary.

Technical Information

Please review this section and make sure to list all relevant software that you can work with. Ensure also that the fields TMS-ready and LTB-ready reflect your readiness to work with these tools. This may open some new doors for you in terms of being eligible for new projects.

Need training on our tools?

If you are new to our tools or need a refresher on how to work with TMS, CTE, XLIFF Editor or LTB, please reach out to our Community Management Training team by either logging a Support ticket (Support -> Create ticket in our Community Portal) or sending us an email to

You can also view our tools training videos posted in our Community Training channel, or join us live in one of our upcoming training webinars (next available dates are posted on the Home page of our Community Portal)

Would you like to renew your partnership with Lionbridge?

If you haven’t worked with us for a while and would like to follow a quick re-onboarding training, please email us to


By keeping your profile up to date with your availability, tools knowledge, areas of expertise, and services offered, we can better match you to projects!