Important: Confidentiality Reminder

Dear Lionbridge partner,

Please treat this as a general reminder regarding your confidentiality obligations, as agreed in the Service Level Agreement (“SLA”). Among these obligations, is the non-disclosure of the project related information which has been, or may be received by you in the course of providing your services to Lionbridge or Lionbridge’s customers.

At no point are you allowed to mention any client company name nor any of the products, processes, activities related to this project outside Lionbridge and the project. You can mention your partnership with Lionbridge, but you cannot disclose any other information. We would kindly recommend that in your profiles (whether LinkedIn, Facebook, Curriculum Vitae, Twitter, etc.) you use generic sentences such as: “2014 to present: delivered over 200 translation and transcreation jobs to Lionbridge”. You can go as far as mentioning some task types like “data annotation, audio transcription, grammar xml creation, testing projects (localization/functional/etc. testing), translation activities, etc.”, but these MUST be vague and, at no stage, be able to be tracked back to any product or client.

For additional details on your confidentiality obligations, please see Section 1 “Confidentiality” in your SLA with Lionbridge, and please understand that failure to comply may be a breach of your signed SLA.

We trust that you will continue to keep project confidentiality as a main priority.


The Lionbridge Community Management team