CEO Update to our Community: COVID-19 & Lionbridge: March 26, 2020

Dear Community Partner,

As we begin another week of the new COVID-19 reality, many of us are adjusting to heavily altered routines, children home from school and family situations we hadn’t previously contemplated. Our global community is used to working remotely—it is one of our greatest strengths—but I am also keenly aware of how these changes are nonetheless a big adjustment for our internal employees and broader community alike.

I received many kind messages and well-wishes after sending my note last week, and it underscored the importance of staying connected during these trying times. We will continue to be transparent and do everything we can to support our community as the situation unfolds.

Some people in our community have inquired about whether payment schedules will be affected by the coronavirus outbreak. In this situation and the uncertainty that comes with it, these concerns are completely understandable, and we want to assure you that there will be no impact to payment for the work you complete.

Lionbridge continues to operate at full capacity thanks to our extensive preparation that began several weeks ago. Different industries have been impacted by COVID-19 in different ways; as such, we expect to observe some fluctuations in volume. As a whole, volumes remain stable and despite the terrible acceleration of COVID-19 cases we are receiving additional work from new customers. We are committed to doing everything in our control to keep our community partners busy, starting with redoubling our efforts to support global brands as they navigate these challenging circumstances.

Global events like this can be taxing, especially on a person’s mental wellbeing. Please make sure to take care of yourself, find ways to destress, and look after your mental health as well as your physical health. We have listed below a couple of resources that we have made available to our workforce, which you may also find helpful during this time.

With children home from school for much of our workforce, we have created a few activities based on suggestions from our team members and wanted to share them with our broader community. Feel free to use these for yourself, your family or friends:

Your well-being is top of mind for all of us at Lionbridge. We are hoping that you, your family, and friends stay happy, healthy, and safe.


John Fennelly

Lionbridge CEO