25 Years of Partnership!

It's Our 25th Anniversary. A Big Thank You to You. 

Dear Community Partner,

This week, Lionbridge celebrates its 25th Anniversary. We couldn’t have done it without you. We truly appreciate your dedication and commitment. For 25 years – and for some of you, it really HAS been for all 25 years – you have partnered with us to help launch vaccines around the world, make games work in dozens of markets, localize software, translate technical manuals and so much more. It’s your language expertise, your cultural sensibilities and your linguistic genius that helps us connect the world.

We think the next 25 years will be the golden age of this industry. An era where we can #LocalizeEverything. 

The promise of AI powered localization tools, from Smaⁱrt MT to our new Smaⁱrt Content solutions, will empower companies and organizations to be global everywhere. Those tools and solutions just do not work without talented operators using them. This should be also be a golden age for talented translators, interpreters and linguists. Only in your capable hands can resonance and fidelity ring true.

There is so much good discussion about the future of this industry (visit here to read some of ours) and you are so important to that discussion. As a small token of our appreciation, we have partnered with Multilingual Magazine to provide free subscriptions of their wonderful publication where you can see the conversation unfold. Click HERE to claim your free 6-month subscription. 
Thank you again. We are honored to be your partners.

John Fennelly

Chief Executive Officer