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Lionbridge News

We are a company whose very name was founded on 'bridging' the language gap. We typically leverage our strength for our clients' business goals, but you are all also part of something quite important and non-commercial, with a lasting, global impact - the work we do for Translators without Borders (TWB).  TWB's mission it is to support humanitarian work around the world by providing free translations, and we have helped them with this goal in many ways.
Knowledge is power. Access to information saves lives, lifts people out of poverty, and ensures better health and nutrition.  In crisis situations, language barriers can cost lives, as International aid groups know only too well.  Translators without Borders serves a community of non-profit and non-governmental organizations who require translations, connecting these with volunteer translators from around the globe.
Lionbridge has been a supporter of Translators without Borders for many years.  In fact, in 2012 Lionbridge won the TWB Donor Award, "awarded to the individual or company or foundation/trust that has made a significant financial contribution to aid TWB in meeting its mission."  
Today, TWB supports a number of critical projects , from The 100 x 100 Wikipedia Project, which envisions the translation of the 100 most widely read Wikipedia articles on health issues into 100 languages, to a Translator Training Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, focusing on training new translators in Swahili and working with non-profit partners to increase translation of vital health and humanitarian information into Swahili, the lingua franca of East Africa as well as other widely spoken regional languages.  Recently, TWB began a new undertaking, building a "Words of Relief" system to improve communications between aid workers and local populations during humanitarian emergencies.
Lionbridge will continue to support this non-profit, global translation charity at the company and leadership level.
If you would like to do more, and contribute as an individual to Translators without Borders, please click here:

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